18. Jan, 2016

Shown here is a group of finds, found during one days detecting. I do not normally find this quantity (over 130 items) but this day I was busy.

28. Dec, 2015

When I started detecting I was surprised to find that I started to enjoy history. A subject that I dropped as soon as I could at school.

The enjoyment came as a package, hence the three R's.

First was the research work, I had always enjoyed using the local library so that was enjoyable.

Second was the recovery of lost and dis guarded items found in the ground.

Sometimes the research came second because I would have found something that I could not identify.

And third was the recording of the finds, something I felt was important for several reasons. I wanted to show the land owners and the archeaologists that I was not a "Treasure Hunter" and that I could be trusted.

Also it was important to help create a picture of the possible use of the area in which I was detecting and to share this with everyone and anyone who was interested.