In memory of a dear friend.
Gustaaf Van Raamsdonk

Hi, welcome to my web site. Here I shall be sharing with you, my interest in our history from a particular viewpoint. Mine.


I first became interested in our history through the hobby of metal detectiing. The enjoyment of finding a coin or artefact was and still is, magical. But it was the wanting to know more about who might have owned the find and how it came about being there, that really drew me in.

The image on this page is of a dear friend who pasted away before I had the time to enjoy his life tales. Everyone who met him knows what I mean when I say he was unique. The picture was taken on a piece of land alongside a major Roman road, which although it has been detected on for years never ceases to produce more of the history of the area. I have been fortunate to find artefacts and coins from Flint tools to modern coins.

My most interesting find on this field was a Bronze Age Gold pennanular ring which now recides in the local museum. This can be viewed in the photo album


After many years of detecting, I became disillusioned with the hobby, because I felt I was going nowhere.

Not having the guts to approach land owners for permission, I was always to be found on the club sites. Some of which were still producing good finds and others which seemed to be random finds.

I wanted to find a site that I could research from the start.

I had got to know a good number of detectorists and I could see myself in some of them, by this I mean they had an interest in the items discovered and their possible history, in relation to the find site.

I decided to start a club or rather a team of like minded people in the hope we could become more involved.

We started off small, just the two of us myself and Corinne Mills. Together we spent alot of time out detecting and after a while things started to pay off. We were asked by our loacl F.L.O. (Finds Liasion Officer) if we would like to do a display at the Braintree History fair. This coincided with the purchase of three finds found in the Braintree catchment area and processed through the Treasure Trove.

Since the Fair we have become  small team of trustworthy detectorists and this has led us being asked to partake in a number of projects. 

Projects such as teaching members of the local Young Archaeologists how to use detectors in helping to find the location of a farm building.



Other Projects

Some of the projects we were asked to assist with included the following.

Two if our members were invited to assist with a major archaeological dig in Italy. Can you imagine being given permission to detect on the biggest Roman site in the world..ITALY. Smile

Two members were asked to do a Treasure Hunt for the children of the Manningtree area at their annual beach bash.

Four of our members were asked to assist on the Time Team television program

The entire team have been and still are involved with locating a battle site!

We are also involved with bringing history to the young through schools and other groups. Using our hobby to show the youngsters how we go about recovering and sharing their local history.


Mysterious item.

 Just for fun I shall occasionally put on, what I consider to be an interesting, possibly mysterious item.

If you think you know what it is please leave a comment on the visitors page. Click here to view the item and then on the item to go to the visitors page.

Mystery item .