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What Wonders Lie Below?

The 3 R's

I have decided to start including some coins in my store. We are currently experiencing a new collecting trend with people collecting coins that are currently in use, or in the case of the £1 coin, about to change.

it is good to see them being collected for whatever reason as it is history in the making and something to leave to the future generations.

Most of the coins being collected can be found in your purse or pocket change and that is part of the hunt. You can also get them for sale from many places but beware prices do vary a lot depending on the sellers opinion.

Good Luck with your searching and have a look here for the odd coin?

50p, £1 and £2 coins

  • Recovered

    My daughter recovering an item.

  • Researched

    My personal choice for research. Always check the images tag.

  • Recorded

    I always record my finds for the benefit of others.
    Also a great Research site.

Coins, as an important part of our history can be used to help date sites and their contents.